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Wtf? My tablet autocorrects "waving" to "saving" and i cant convince it otherwise. Computers suck.
Wavi ng my cane.
Here's how my weekend went. I was in a store procrastinating like whoa. Chatting up the clerk cuz we were the only two in there and he's a sci-fi geek like me. The chat turns to skiing. He goes snowboarding because he used to skateboard. "For transportation, not tricks."
"Oh the kids in my neighborhood never learned any tricks. They'd just go curb to curb in front of my house. Zzzz clack, Zzzzz clack, Zzzzz clack. All summer long. You know which town I'm in, right?"
"Yes. I'm 28."
I look at him, he looks at me. We both do the math.
He was one of the kids.

Not only am I old lady bitching about kids in my yard making noise but I'm chatting up a 28 year old and he's one of the kids! HOW F-ing OLD AM I?

My purse is loaded with hard candy and kleenex, is how OLD.


  • Saturday

    Saturday coffee feels way more friendly! Well, except I'm still at work.

  • I'm not forgetful...

    The nice lady said if it doesnt spark joy - throw it out!

  • Mornings

    It's morning. I dont know whether to complain that you're adding coffee to my milk or that you're adding milk to my coffee

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