alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

And then it snowed. *grumble*
Twas a light snow at least. Then rain.

Here's a little something to put the "Yipe" in your morning biscuits
"One Democratic digital firm, for example, is unveiling a program that identifies voters who have visited websites that, in its view, contain fake news. The program, called “Antidote,” then supplies these voters counter information through advertising when they visit other websites."
You are being tracked. A lot. Heads up.

I'm only taking one painkiller a day now but it is one painkiller a day. Would like this crap to stop.

Oscar's Oasis is awesome funny.

Oh crap. Dancing with the Stars is coming back. Le sigh.

Anyone else get twitchy at "mission accomplished"? First, echo history badly. Second, what you talking bout willis? What mission? And WTF is 'the responce will be sustained until he stops using them?' You already stopped the response. He already stopped using, until the next time. Which action do you mean? WTF

Irritates me how this idiot is hailed by his followers/worshipers as some sort of great leader when he is so completely random all the time. No one holds him accountable. He blows. Pay attention, sheep!
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