alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

An ad on tv was trying to sell dumb stuff. They apparently thought it would sell better if they people enthusing over it were dressed as firemen.
More blue collar. More patriotic. More hero.
My first thought was, "How do i know you duffus are actually firemen & not actors?"
But it led me to think about actors hawking goods and it seems to help.
Which led me back to fb and fake news. Are people more likely to believe a story they are looking at if it is flanked by ads supporting the ideas? Certainly are.
So the influence isnt just Do you click on the ad, do you read the ad, do you agree with the ad - it is much subtler than that. Subliminal.


I mean you've seen the fake mind- readers (yes, all fake) who know which path the target is taking to the show & litter the path with images of pandas, the word, panda etc & then surprse everyone by correctly guessing the guy will say "panda" when asked a favorite animal.

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