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truth or consequences of face

facebowok is a survielence machine. Data is used for targeted marketing. I thought that meant that if I mentioned Tide laundry detergent, I'd soon be shown ads or coupons for Tide. Or perhaps other laundry detergents or even dry cleaners in my area. That such info was being harvested from my searches was irritating and you know what I mean because you've experienced a search leading to really obnoxious ads popping at you. That such info was harvested from my email or messaging is an invasion of privacy that offends me personally, but the general public is pacified by the notion that their /name/ isnt attached to that info.
As anyone who is bad with names can tell you, you dont need to know someone's name to go, "Oh that guy!" I digress.
What I have learned is what "targeted" truly means is that the info is used to create a personality profile. This means it isnt just trying to sell you Tide. They can now sell you anything because they know what /type/ of ads will work on little old you. You. Profile #you.
Lets say they want to sell Tide. Your neighbor's profile indicates they will respond best to an ad that points out Tide uses cold water which saves household income. Another neighbor is told Tide cold water helps saves the enviroment. You may be told Tide will make your family clothes cleaner because your profile shows family is your priority. Your teen takes a lot of selfies? Tide makes your clothes look better for longer. Etc.
Ok, now apply these phsychological profiles to politics. Who responds to which keywords? How many specifically targeted ads are put out and how specific they get is limited only by time and the ad writers. Who responds to fear? Tap tap tap. Who responds to economic fears? Tap tap tap. Who responds to economic fears of family? Tap tap tap. Rural? Single? More? How well have they responded before? Tap tap tweak tap Send.
Did you know this?
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