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run! it's a podcast!

Upfront - I have no idea what a podcast is. I mean, I get that it is audio, like a radio show can be podcast & I surmise you download it somehow, somewhere and listen to it later on something. But that's a lot of "some". Feh.
ANYWAY I do hear tell of them & I just heard of one that is inspired to get you to exercise more. Want a little extra motivation when you run? Try "Zombies! Run!" A story, audio theatre. You can guess.

Sounds kinda cool? I know! But oh, you don't run and zombies arent your thing? How about... spies?
"The Walk" You, the listener, in case of mistaken identity are pursued. Act natural. Dont let on that you know they are there. Just keep walking.
Each episode will get you nicely distracted for a mile or two.

i wonder if there is for bikes...

In other news - have you tried any of the new Coke flavors? It doesnt look like they are selling. I'm tempted to try ginger.

music: The Monkees. tomorrow's gonna be another day
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