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work work whine day! skip reading

First, um...why is everyone on my shift telling me my Union people gave them completely WRONG info regarding the vote going on? AGAIN?
Look, do not //lie//. Make your case. If you need to lie in order to win - you do not have a case, do you? Noooo!
*teeth grind*
Thing is, they do not /need/ to lie. It's just easier for them than doing the work of making their case. A case where they have a point. I happen to disagree with their solution. That's all. They didnt want to debate or work out a better solution. Whatever.


In other work news... WTH man! I came in & reported to my assignment. The machines were broken so they moved me. Where they moved me wasnt open so I told the shift manager I was taking my break 5 minutes early. No prob. I came back from break & go back to my area, still closed so I take the nearest position. Coworker says it is his spot. I ask him to check. He returns and says I should go to scheduling. Scheduling sends me elsewhere & I'm there for an hour. I'm told they're going to assign me somewhere. I go on break, but having put my bag down /somewhere/ in all this I stop at the closest possibility, scheduling. They want me to go back where they sent me. I havent found my bag so /still on break/ I go back to my first area where the boss sees me & starts yelling at me "where have you been? The other boss has been looking for you and he's mad!" "I just talked to scheduling." "No! Go find the other boss!" (K, do not yell at me. I have been exactly where I was told to go. Just for that I am finishing my last 3 minutes of break. Because I am on break! Nyah!) I then go try to find the other boss, ask the supervisors, no one knows. I head over to where scheduling wanted me to be because /somebody/ needs me. They see me and...send me back to the other boss.
All I know is that I checked in everywhere I went and I do not appreciate getting yelled at because YOU cant keep track of me. :p
Tags: work whine

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