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of the moment

hugh jackman doing "Safety Dance." you needz see
apparently for lipton tea

kelly clarkson "whole lotta woman". i like the song, i like her sass. This vid, howsomeever is some overly flexible women dancing to it wearing not much. I mean, good dancers or I wouldnt bother but uh...not 100% work safe maybe? the choreographer is marissa heart

jack white "I'm shakin" kind of a flashback for me cuz i was rockin this years ago. i'm back
His "lazeretto" is new to me. Far more modern.

snow again. this messes up A TON of plans I've been manuevering for weeks now.
what's that sylvester? yes, 'faaaaaak' indeed. :p

i do not have brainz power to rearrange everything either
cue sylvester...

i'm eating 3 croissants. thats how bad it is
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