alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

9 kisses

ok, yes. i am behind the times!

have you seen this? 9 kisses? they took 2 hollywood names and put them in these super short vignetts. With kissing! Some are romantic, some are funny. I think they get better as they go (sorry, benedict.)

if you are in a benedict mood try this instead

i was scrolling thru various actors doing "To Be". richard burton gets it. david tenn kinda gets it. christopher plum gets it. John barrowmore does incredible eyebrows to the back seats and he gets it.
Ben not so much. Which is good for him because i like to think it means he hasnt gone that dark in himself, ya know?

music: i'm in the mood for a melody, i'm in the mood for a melody, i'm in the mooooood
Tags: links, tv

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