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Olympics! Are over? All I saw was curling! Hours and hours and hours of curling. I like curling but werent there other things going on? And the coverage SUCKED. On the one hand there are certainly a lot more sports to try to cover & I feel for NBC trying to show USA teams winning but...isnt there a large time difference? Couldnt you broadcast the winning and the worthwhile?
And I dont mind so much that it was aimmed at allowing the west coast prime time viewing BUT the way they did it meant that here on the east not only did we not see anything but we didnt hear anything until the next day. Winning wasnt shown until after we were in bed. WTF
Thus I really dont care who won and I am glad NBC is crashing. So there!

In other news, damn this powder nail polish is something else! It hasnt chipped or scratched or anything and it has been 2 weeks of my working! Thick laquer high gloss as when it started. Didnt even lose one gold sparkle glitter flake. Bloody impressive
Now how do I get it off??

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