alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

i got my nails done. It was Mardi Gras!

& the doctor's staff threw all kinds of shade at me because I need paperwork. Still. I have no idea why they are consistantly hostile when I've been nothing but sweet to them. Maybe that is the problem. I should come in and be all, "Look you incompetant bitches, stop filing your nails and do the job you get paid to do! Or get your lazy arse out of that chair and I'll do it! Either way /I/ am getting my money! Are we clear?"
cuz they'd prob be okay with that.
I'm not suppose to have color on my nails. I have 8 bright red nails & 2 sparkly gold ring finger nails. Shhhh!

it is powder, not gel. something new? first time getting nails done!

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