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When they say we are held hostage by the network's programming, they aint kidding. it is 9:30pm and we're watching the opening walkabout. They're up Sweden and commercials galore. I think the ads paused only for the USA team to walk by.
I missed shirtless Tonga guy! Or there was an ad going. Damnit.
Really, check out shirtless Tonga guy, Pita. Oiled in 29 degreeF weather.

Here are the Swiss.

I saw some of the team ice skating at 2-3am this morning which confused the heck out of me as the opening ceremony hadnt happened yet!
Men's singles in the team skating went something like this: "This guy, his quadruples are amazing and..OH! That fall's gonna cost him." All over the ice.
The Japanese guy was cute tho.

If you think about it, we might not have an Olympic team USA if not for immigrants. Ahem.

Yes, yes. Back to cute athletes...

Got a favorite sport to watch this Olympics? Favored athlete?

With all the new sports it seems odd that those athletes now qualify for winning a medal but before they would just be goofing around, ya know? Like snowboarding.

If you were going to win gold for something you do now, what would it be?

I am /mot/ cool with Russia competing. Cheating is cheating is cheating and YES when the state does it it effects ALL their athletes regardless. If there's no rules, no enforcement, and no punishments for breaking them, why bother playing at all? And /this/ from an organization and event that is supposed to promote world peace? Gimme a break. Losers.

Wait, why is Jamaica walking in? Whose alphabet is this? o.O
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