alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

super bowl of flakes

i predict pats. i predict a lot of thrills. because if it is a sweep people stop viewing & those ads are like the most expensive all year. the super bowl of ads.

That being said, I dont believe the giraffe has ever seen football. Her predictions are suspect. -.-

I predict my workplace will be busy.

Edit: Aah! I sneak peaked the ads!

Doritoes blaze vs Mt Dew ice. Love it! Fav.
M&Ms. yuck, but that is my actor bias.
crocodile dundee trsiler. Interesting! hee!
Budweiser. Touching really. Love it.
Steven Tyler. Um... sad?
Skittles. Already overhyped & blatant manipulation for a pass, thanks.
Amazon. Cant pay me to watch.
Toyota. Ok. Little predictable but not annoyingly.
Sprint. Um.
PETA. Like the actors. Hate the ad. Leave other people's religion OUT.

Howz about you?
Tags: tv

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