alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

mom sick again

ok... sorry, but if you keep characterizing Dems and other media outlets as "unhinged"? Y'all are NOT a " news" organization. You're a propaganda machine fishing for clicks.

Speaking of vermin, my mother's house has vermin. I wonder if this has any connection to her repeated illness?
Btw, her migraine has kicked off another round of headaches and throwing up. I tried texting my brother hoping he can intervene before she gets to the hospital stage, this time.
Note: my brother has not responded to the text i sent more than 8 hrs ago. Which is annoying since he is grafted to his phone yet unsurprising since he hasnt said Boo to me since the first week of November.

fing family, man.
Tags: folks, political

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