alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

minor frustration of getting old

I'm in my laundry mat. They now offer free wifi. I click on guest. I enter the password. Good to go. I try clicking on my sites and the wheel just spins. I try clicking on BBC news and an unfamiliar "splash page" from url "mgm"comes up asking if I agree to their terms to continue. No I do not. I try " google" and it says the connection is down. I ask the woman in charge. No idea. She asks the young 30ish woman if her wifi is working? No. I explain the weird webpage & "I dont click on sites I dont know". I go back & start folding.
Cue couple minutes later when younger woman asks if I was the one having trouble with wifi? Yes. Well, i show her my browser & she takes my tablet away & over to better light. She comes back, "It works now." I pursue her asking what she did?
"You had to click to accept the terms."


Ok I know you are being super bright young thing helping out flustered by tech old lady BUT. The reason I didnt click that was because I dont know the site & didnt want to click it! You bloody ASK //me// the owner of the device before you click any agreement! As the bloody site has to ask my permission first.

Damage is done but I'm miffed.

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