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movies are depressing

Most work days in my field of view there are plenty of TVs. With sports. Yesterday I watched curling. Go USA!
Today there was one lone TV not showing sports. It had movie previews. On repeat so I was able to work and get a fair idea of the movies being sold.
One kid film. One comedy. 2 dramas which dont end well. A war movie, a disaster movie, a scifi disaster movie which dont end well. 4 horror movies.
When did we get so damn pessimistic? This is ridiculous, people!

Are you going to watch The Oscars? Do you care about The Oscars?
I watch the dresses. I am surprised Get Out! has gotten nominated as it is a horror movie. I expect Dunkirk to do better than it has. Although I am once again surprised to hear that a WWII movie once again failed to acknowledge known diversity. WTH hollywood? It isnt /that/ hard!
Well maybe there will be nice dresses.

sidenote: one of my coworker & I talk often after I get off shift. He's partly deaf and yet he talks so softly I have trouble hearing him, especially over the TV he cranks up. He often asks me the same questions he asked the day before. And the days before that. He often comes back with the weirdest responses. He often switches topics without telling me. And he loves vermin news.
Yet I keep talking to him because these are small things when you have the world to discuss, yes? I try to tamp down my frustrations. Peace.m
Tags: movies, work whines

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