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hey politics!
skip it if you want. we are getting exhausted.

Out of curiosity I switched from being annoyed by vermin news TV and gave the written vermin news a chance.
Shockingly, it annoyed me. ;)

Now keeping in mind it is an /opinion/ piece which does not have to have accurate lies. From one end to the other.

To sum up bits:
Unlike the Tea Party, which apparently sprang fully formed from the forehead of Zeus and had members in office in the first year, the Womens March hasnt put anyone in office? There wasn't an election this year, for one, dunderhead. And two, liar liar charred arse, women have been elected all over the country!
The complication thst I personally extrapolate is that the Womens March includes women (and others) who hold different viewpoints on issues which means that others can try to dismiss the whole thing as any kind of a group. You can find a conservative, pro-choice, small government, minimum wage increase kinda woman and her counterpart marching together. Because women are complicated!
etc etc
tea party involves people already in power
etc etc

blah blah so much guff and guk.
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