alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

mother's health continued

mother has been seeing dark spots for a few days now. She refuses to seek any medical help on the weekends because "no one is there". But her eye doctor refused to see her until Wednesday.
I thought eye spots were a signal of retina detachment? Which should be treated fairly immediately? Surgery? Danger Will Robinson, danger?
It could also be related to her migraines but she isnt complaining of headache or light sensitivity. That I'm aware of.

Great. Doctors dont take the women of my family seriously.

I nsuspect that as unhealthy small as her appetite is with me, when I'm not here sharing meals she barely eats at all.
I believe she is deteriorating more rapidly than previously expected. We rather expected her to go another 15 years or so. What slowed her mother down at this age was a car accident. Hmm, I wonder if that just disguised things? But she still hung in for the 15 years. Not without help.

yippee skip.

wth? Do I hear /skittering/ in the house? Rodents? Inside? Bloody hell
I may not need a cat but mother sure does
Tags: folks

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