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Busy day

Today, I was woken up, not by my alarm clock, but by the phone. My father telling me the tax deadline is tomorrow. *sigh* Because I do not need my sleep. I just talked to him about everything last night. Last night.
So that went to crap.
Then I got up, had a little breakfast and started digging for my tax stuff. Got the Federal done. Was working on getting the state one done when I remembered I had to take the cat to the vet for her follow up. *rush*
Vet gave cat mad props for NOT clawing him even /once/ while he took her temp and then stabbed her in the neck 3 times with a needle trying to get a blood sample. She's super sweet. "You don't even KNOW how good she's being." *proud* The tech said "She's soft like a bunny." *proud* She even purred a little for them. *proud*
Course I do not want to tell you how much the blood work is costing on top of the emergency room visit and meds. Let's just say my tax return is going to be extremely welcome.
Then I called the garage to check on my car. The assessor was out there last week, but no one has contacted the garage or myself to follow up on anything. Grr. More early ****ing phone calls tomorrow for me. Who needs sleep?
Lost 2 more eBay auctions. Frell.
Still have to fill out the other insurance company's paperwork. Did I mention this? I called /them/ about the accident and answered all of their questions over the phone. Then they sent me paperwork with all the same questions that I have to fill out and send back to them. WTF!!!
I have to fax paperwork to my insurance company too. To prove that I paid off the car last year. *sigh*

Made you look!
Okay the weird part is that I drove 2 towns over to a coffee shop that has very nice vanilla chai tea. Drove back home to drop off the car accident film (I had the wrong film with me so I haven't finished this errand) - I look at the paper cup and it has script handwriting in blue ink "vnll chai" on one side. Directly underneath this, in the same pen is " HEL|P| "
I'm sitting here staring at the cup wondering if this is some coffee shop code or... is there a robbery going on in the back? I drive all the way back to the coffee shop and sit in my car outside the windows typing into my phone about "2 grls. No other cars." I save this message and go inside. I order a bagel. Everything seems fine. Which is good. But STOP WRITING CODE ON YOUR CUPS. WENCHES.

I'm now trying to follow the virginia tech shooting thing on tv news. It's very weird, sad and disturbing.

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