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i'd rather be pole dancing.
Ok you know how Kim (the one who is male and not a kardashian) is making noises about joining the Olympics? And how the rest of the planet is wriggling like happy puppies over this? It /bothers/ me. I mean it is the freakin olympics. This is not progress. This is still the same guy who just assassinated his own brother. Same guy who has been charging up his nuke arsanel and shooting off rockets in defiance of the world. The same guy having a "No, I'll blow /you/ up!" fight with hitler. Same dictator as the week before. You don't go all "He's a nice guy!" over the slightest little give. It /is/ the slightest. It doesnt count as a give.
Which really worries me about Hitler. I worry that after years of the worst behavior possible he'll do some publicity stunt, appear normal for a photo opp, some triffling thing and "WOW! See?? We can vote for him!" Because Mericans are stupid.
Well, technically, the world is pretty stupid.
We need to stop using his name. He's like some comic book villian who gains strength every time his name is used. Stop feeding the beast! There's a reason he pisses...err, puts hix name on everything. Every time he sees it "I own that!". Dont use his name. He thinks he owns you. Seriously think about the last time you went a day without being exposed to it. Like some freakish Kthulu old god being summonded by mass thought. We need a wall around it.

On a related note: news people, stop the whatever tap dance you are doing. The vulgar word was indeed vulgar but the offense is NOT (omg it is SO not. WtF!) in that someone spoke the word. Someone cursing is NOT news. That is was in a meeting, blah blah blah Not NEWS. What the offense is is that he made a completely /racist/ statement. In a meeting blah blah blah. The meaning behind the word, his racism, is the story.
"It isnt racist to say their country isnt as nice as ours!" That isnt what he said, is it? No. "In context..." No. Stop that.

Shiny. Stop looking. Remember that Tax Bill? Remember that? Remember how much ungodly wads of cash he and his besties are stuffing in their pockets off that? Billions? Remember the canceling of your healthcare? Remember this stuff? Deficit? Remember how your taxes are going to go up?
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