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Noticed some of my Haitian coworkers taking a break. Their meal was 4 pears and 2 apples. For each of them. That is a lot of fruit! I think one lady opted to substitute a half cup of soup for 1 apple. I dont think I eat that much fruit in a week, nevermind at one meal.

Monday pie. Ever heard of it? Much potato. What is it? Why has my uncle been craving this childhood food experience while my mother finds the idea revolting? Something about seeing her aunts grating potatoes and cutting their fingers on the grater and leaving the bloody bits in the pie. I can understand some queasiness, but poor is poor & needs must. Thankfully my childhood was bolony poor and not root veggie poor.

Late one night I was driving home just ahead of the snow storm. Suddenly an explosion under my car. POW It shook the car and me, don't mind saying. Wth? A blown tire? Did I run something over? Was the car shot? Did someone put a bomb under my car? Some horrible mechanical wrongness? I flip 'U' and head for the brightly lit lot of the open coffee shop. Tires look fine. Whew. No obvious damage to under carriage. Not that I can see much under a low slung car. Open the backdoor to check for damage inside - there's a pile of snow on the floor behind my seat. Pale green snow. Wha?? Shreds of a 2 liter soda bottle. Yes folks, it was so cold (how cold was it?!) that a forgotten and full 2ltr bottle of diet Mnt Dew exploded into snow. Mind you, it didn't freeze solid - it turned into a light fluffy snow. It exploded with enough violence that it turned the bottle inside out, shredded it, and shook my entire car to where I thought 'bomb'. I still haven't found the cap. Moral: do not leave liquid in sub freezing in your car. Subset, put such possible weapons of mass destruction behind your seat. Not laying on the backseat. Certainly not in the front. Whew. Close call!

Pizza is a scam. 1 small pepperoni & 1small veggie = $24? Went home and double checked the menu. Small pepperoni = $6. Wait, what? Seems they do not offer "veggie". They offer small " onion" = $9. So when the staff said, "veggie? So that"s onions, peppers, mushroom and broccoli?" and I thought they meant "Do you want to leave any of these out cuz you don't like them?" what they actually meant was "extra $3 per additional topping."' And to think I tipped them for my take-out order! How the hell is an onion pizza more than any of the meat pizzas? How are any of the veggies more than any of the meats? This is Fubar.

Hercules the Leatherclad Journeys. Heh. Once in a blue I rediscover this series. And the spray tans. Oh my. Oooo my.

At last! I finally remembered to write out some of my wish list and my used bookshop came through. I picked up this book back in the early 90s. "A Matter of Taste". It is a vampire book but the telling is unique and unapologetic for the questions it doesn't answer. I enjoy the writing style. This is partway into the book series, which you may recall is my preferred method, and is self-contained enough to allude to the previous books without requiring you read them. Two thumbs up.
Now if I could just find a copy of Bordertown.
I a!so picked up the anniversary edition of" Free To Be You &Me", in book form. Sis-in-law was flipping through and...hmm. In one scene "how do you know you're a girl?" because she wants to grow up to be "a cocktail waitress!" The feminist revolution produced this. It clearly isn't aging well.

Then I hit the CD section. Picked up Garth Brooks cuz I feel I should have some country around, just in case. I live in that kind of area. And Jeff Foxworthy comedy CD. Then I picked up erykah badu cuz...I'm not country. Then van hagar, no boundaries benefit (kosovo refugees), american eagle outfitters spring break, cuz I want to branch out. and Moby Dick audiobook, 18 of 19 discs. I can always read that section! LOL
Weirdly, (many things are weird n'est pas?), I was in the used DVD section of a large media store and there before me I see a single copy of "Bitch slap". This is an obscure made-to-be-B movie from New Zealand. Now /I/ only know about it because I popped in the last dvd of Hercules and in the special features they talked about making this silly movie. So what are the odds that the next day this dvd appears? See? Weird! The blurb describes it, "Gratuitous, obscene, violent, adolescent and more than a little silly." At least it is NTSC.

Mrs Waverly. Why do we assume spies can't get married? Other than we like to think our heroes are available. So who is the exception-al Mrs Waverly? A childhood sweetheart? A college romance? A nurse or ambulance driver or pilot during the war? Someone in the office? A fellow spy? A spy for the other side? A librarian he met post war? Which also makes me wonder how known Waverly is in the world. Is he a diplomat? A general? A businessman? We pretty much know that secret masterminds are never that secret. Moriarty. Did any evil mastermind ever try to paint Uncle as evil masterminds? I do wonder.

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