alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I am still sick. Darn cold. I was silly and stopped taking zinc on my third day because it wasnt killing the cold off. I should know better. But I dont! :p
Plus it is nasty cold outside. Increases the coughing.

I go back to work next week. Fingers crossed. It is a crap job but everybody has to do something, yes? Going to be tough to roll my now fat arse in.

People are advisng me to get a lawyer to deal with my doc and the insurance company. I am stunned that he is saying I am not injured and have hammertoe. I do not! 3 months in I find this out. 3 months! Sucks my paycheck right to hell. I dunno what a lawyer is going to do. Taking it to the medical board, maybe. Course I donct think I'll find a doctor willing to call this one out in front of the medical board. :/ Screwed. So screwed. And I have done everything right! WTF

In Other News: what is your favorite newspaper comic strip? What is the one you can not stand? Is there one you just dont 'get'?
Tags: health

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