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Don Imus

I grew up listening to Don Imus. He was the morning host of a New York music and talk radio show which was hugely popular. The Number One show. Imus knew he had kids in his audience and he appealed to them. Kids would write into the show and he'd break into the show with a news report of Moby Worm destroying their school with massive amounts of carnage and devouring of teachers. And that was fun! Imus was not a shock jock. He was opinionated and laughing. His 'sidekick' was a black woman, Roz, who was there to give him someone to discuss things with and keep him in line, but they never fought. They never shut each other down. Because they were there to get people off to work in the morning. I never got the impression they hung out after work, but they did respect each other.

Then...the radio station hired Howard Stern as their afternoon host.

Stern, whose foul brain and mouth had already gotten him fired from several smaller stations, was HIRED. And after a somewhat tenuous start, Howard was soon showing why he had been fired in the past and introduced a whole new audience to the term Shock Jock. Stern also took great pleasure in bad mouthing Imus, on air. When he learned that Imus was a recovering alcoholic ~ He send Imus a case of vodka. WTF. I stopped listening to the station in the afternoons. But Stern got more and more foul, obnoxious and outrageous and... POPULAR.
Stern was promoted. Imus demoted. Stern gained national attention. Stern got on award shows. Stern got rewarded up the wazoo for being a complete _____.
Fired? Hey that just makes his fans love him more.

So what happened to Imus? Imus struggled to survive in a Howard Stern world is what. Imus struggled to keep his CHARITY RANCH FOR KIDS open. Imus got a stupid sidekick and stopped laughing so much.

When you create a beast you can not then put the blame on the beast.

Should Imus have been fired? Absolutely NOT.
Fined? Sure. Suspended? Sure. Fired? NO.
Did he apologize? Yes. Repeatedly. On many occasions. To many people. In person. Sincerely. THEY will not accept it. You know what? You lose the moral high ground when you do that. Imus is not a politician.

STUPID FREAKING "INTEREST" GROUPS. You know, the people who complained the loudest - are NOT what I'd call "moral compasses". Did you notice that? Did you? I'm ashamed that the National Organization of Women even tried to get involved.

Did anyone bang the drum when Imus called people 'honkey'? No. Or when he called Anna Nichole names? No. Would they care if Stern had said it? I don't know.

But this? This was totally unfair.
And that the phrase "nappy-headed ho-s" is now being repeated over and over by the media - doesn't that strike anyone as WEIRD?

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