alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

i start work again next week. Hopefully. Knock on wood. It is a drudge job. Not looking forward to it.
On tv they were talking about a woman's earnings topping out at age 35-40.
Le sigh.
I have this job because I can do this job. Currently. It used to be a really good job. Upper income.
I get $.25 raise each year. Technically that means my raise goes down in relation to my salary every year. My raise is worth less each year. Inflation and cost of living factored in and yes this job is barely above working at Walmart. Almost on par with McDs. The industry kinda crashed, true. But our bosses broke the cookie jar long before that.
It is a rather crappy job. It at least used to be fun sometimes and had some fulfillment. Now we're poor and mechanized and moral is cruddy. Seriously there are ever more positions where we stand over by a machine and dont talk to anyone. In a service industry. Working for tips. I am not cute and getting less so.

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