alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

i dunno. i just dunno.
Frustrated. My doctor apparently said in his one report to the insurance company that I have hammertoe. Which I do not. Or at least not to the point where it effects anything. Wrong diagnosis from what we discussed. And frankly I dont care what he puts down as a diagnosis so long as "and can not stand up" is f-ing included!
What am I not doing? Somebody tell me. Cuz this is 1/4 of my yearly wages gone. Closer to 1/3 with all the time off I took before this.
*headdesk* *headdesk*
When I am frustrated I am exhausted so that combined with my being sick has kept me from kicking in his dorr and throttling him. Err... discussing with his staff AGAIN the idea that yes, yes I really do need the office notes. Yes. Yes, when I said I need the report from the other visits what I really meant was that I need the reports from the other visits. Yes. Yes, seriously. For true. Papers. Papers, please. //Filled out//.
What do I do? Because I am fed up with doing the same thing and getting the same lack of results

I am sitting in an area where vermin news is on. *twitch* Must leave.
Tags: health

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