alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

cruel is the frosting

sleigh bells ring...
no they dont. aint nobody going outside no time soon no how.
Early early in the morning the newscasters and weather people know that no one is watching and they are much more fun to watch.
Weatherman, "How much snow are we going to get? Well, it's a /blizzard/!" cracked me up
Well sometimes the news casters do go a little too far into non-serious about things that should be serious. but.

So I and the rest of New Engoand have been properly warned, we've cleaned out the stores as if they'll never be open again, we're stocked and we're hunkering. Most of us have not really put much thought into what we'll do if we lose power. I can tell from how many were buying dvds and electric heaters. Hrm.
I have been watching season 4 of Hercules. The show's production people have pretty much gotten bored by this
point and are letting fan-service run wild. No complaints from me. Tango ho! I wonder if this has the musical episode? Or the a!ternate universe of evil? Ha!
As long as it doesnt have the horrible xmas episode. Geez that memory still makes my skin crawl.

I have a cold. Zinc it! Yes, have been. I think I gave it to myself. New Year's booze. Long story. Must throw bottle out. o.O I could break open the absynthe? Hmm.
I've a ton of books waiting. Garfield, Sherlock, and Dracula. Not all in one book. Although...
In any case my mother has bought me a copy of "The Whold Art of Deduction - lost sherlock holmes stories" I am skeptical of any Sherlock, sorry to say, but I should give it a try for the sake of peace. le sigh.

hey, maybe I'll make a batch of I Hasn't Time Cookies! Since I dont have a pan for That's It Cake. Whoot!

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