alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

happy Hanukkah!

Least I forget. :) Most happy wishes.

I called congress today. I am participating!

Music: Today I be jamming to Eric Hutchinson, Good Rhythm

youtube: OMG this youtube vid! Wrapping presents tricks and hacks. Must see! Why didnt I know?

This. This Youtube "do you like my decorations?"... is just wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. So I laughed

Minions singing carols. Oldy but cutey.

You know how doing house lights shows with music is a thing? Apparently fire departments do this with their engines too. It's a thing.
Oh and the entire block doing a sync light show? Also cool. Drone footage.

Setting your theme as Harry Potter for light fight. Must take a LOT of time. I think this guy outdid Universal Studios

3d santa projection is a wee bit... scary! How do they do it? (i mean, obviously. but still.)

Go forth and seek good youtubes. Report back
Tags: links, xmas

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