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It doesn't rain but it pours

As the saying goes. And while I realize that things could positively be FAR worse than they are, I'm not enjoying these brushes with disaster. Ta.

Okay, so I've been a bit freaked out by the car accident Saturday. (Hey, enough from the peanut gallery about "a bit".) I think I was doing a pretty good job of handling things. Except that...

Sunday I misread my work time start and was 2 hours late to work. :/

Monday was okay. I cleaned the car out and took lots of pictures of the outside damage.

Tuesday I called my insurance company and finally noticed in the cop's chicken scratches that there had been a TWO AND A HALF YEAR OLD KID in the back of the car that I hit. I never saw the kid. And while yes, the kid was on the other side of the car and in a car seat and is perfectly fine (as far as I know) -- AAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGH!!!
I could. have. killed. a. child. This has completely //freaked// me out. I don't know why. It just has. The kid is fine. I simply can not get past it. Kid's fine. Mom's fault. I'm freaked.

Wednesday I really started to think about going to the Doctor for myself. I've a nice deep bruise from the seatbelt. My neck has been stiff and has a kink I just can't get rid of. (Innuendo! No.) Fortunately I ran into a friend at work who was Prince enough to give my neck a little rub for a couple. Helped a bit. Ta!

I was all ready to go to the doctor's on Thursday morning before work. And lose even MORE sleep because I haven't been sleeping more than a couple hours a night. Stress and having to get up early to make phone calls. Have I been touchy and high strung? YES.
...when in comes the little old lady cat. She hops up on the bed next to me and starts acting...weird. I'm like, "Are you peeing? WTH?" And I move her and there are a couple drops of blood on the comforter. WTF?!!! I start freaking out, you know, as much as I can just before bedtime. Is it the chicken bone I gave her the night before? How the hell could the toothless wonder have gummed off a sliver from a bone bigger than her own leg? Is it the cat food? Am I the first to report a problem with my brand of cat food? Kidney failure! Augh! I call the emergency vet # and the nice woman assures me that it is probably a urinary infection, not a true crisis, but that it is very painful for the cat. And while I'm on the phone I can see the poor cat is going from one piece of furniture to the next, trying to pee on everything in the living room.
*facepalm* Yes, I get dressed, stuff the cat in the carrier and drive to the emergency vet. AT 3:30 IN THE MORNING. They could not get a urine sample, nor could they see her bladder on the ultrasound because it is so shrunken. But she was not really dehydrated and they gave me meds to give to her for the infection and the pain and told me to get her to the regular vet ASAP. Whew. But she may still have some major problems.
I got back home and into bed around...6. 6:30. Set my alarm for 8:15 so I could go in early to sign the early out list. At 8:30 I look at the clock and reason out that I can either go in and sign the list and possibly not get out /anyway/ or I can go for another hour of sleep and sign the EO before I start my shift at 11. I reset my alarm for 9:20. And apparently slept through it until...11.

So. Here I am. Not at work. Not at the doctors. Not at the vets. Not caught up on my sleep. Not especially calm and level. Not enjoying things ATM. Trying to be thankful that even with all of this crap I've really dodged the bullet this week. A lot of bullets. A lot.


I still haven't done my taxes.
I think I've just spent my tax return.

EDIT: Oh yes, and I have to take the cat to the vet at 8am tomorrow. For the rest of you playing at home that would be like... you taking your cat to the vet at 5am. See the fun of working a non-traditional work shift?
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