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insurance update

So...called insurance. Left voice-mail w/ my claim person. Called again and talked to random claim person. (Sounded nice. He had a cold. I recommended whiskey. Heh.) He transfered me to the Who was slightly less friendly and told me that no, they never got the paperwork back they sent me to have the Doc fill them out.
I trotted my butt over to the Doc. Papers? We have no record of any papers. (I saw this same woman clip the paper to the front of my file when I brought the papers in.) But hey, luckily the guy at work had made new copies of the form for me. I stood over her and watched her fill out the fax cover sheet...
Dude, she faxed the blank form. *facepalm*
Which is good because 1) I was there to helpfully point out the Doc needs to fill out the form. 2) Ha! There is now some proof in the hands of the company that I am not the only butterfingers in this snack mix!
I had fixed post-it notes on the form with my name and the fax number and who to ATT and "Urgent". I wrote my name on the back...if anyone looks. She said she scanned it in (with the fax?) so the Doc can work on it. I told her I've gotten a termination notice.
Fingers crossed.

Cuz otherwise I go back Thursday for my appointment and tell the Doc, This has been fun but since you havent convinced my insurance that I'm sufficiantly injured -I am fired. Thus I have no insurance and there's no way I can pay for the terribly expensive equipment and treatments you want me to buy. You lose the commission. Bye bye!

Hopefully it wont come to thst. Cuz I dunno how effective that is on a Doctor.

heh. I write Doctor instead of doctor. Habits.
Tags: health, work whine

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