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Today I found out that my insurance company has looked over my medical records and deemed I do not deserve disability. No money! And at two months of being out of work, they've also told work not to honor my leave - thus i can be fired Monday.

YAY insurance company!

They look at the records and make medical decisions that override my doctor AND they decide my employment. How much am I paying them? Oh snd they are refusing to pay my bills! YAY!

Rumor has it this company is a million or more behind on paying claims. Just in my company. YAY

Sidenote: After 2 weeks of phone calls to doc, insurance and work trying to get things moving cuz work threw down the "Fired!" gauntlet...
Yesterday I called the doc's office "I need a doctor's note that I am out of work."
"We'll have it written up and call you when it is ready."
Today no call. At 3pm I walked into the office. "We havent gotten to it yet." It took 3 secretaries to figure out the wording. "she's out from this date to this date". Seriously. Like 1 had never done this? 1 was paranoid of legal repercussions. The last didnt want anything to do with this hot potato and kept walking out. I am mystified. Patients never had jobs before?

I'm torn. The doctor seems the best so far but his staff are screwing up my life. WTF to do?
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