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still rantyish but bouncing topics

Talk shows. I'm out of work. It was inevitable. Ladies, WTF with talks shows doing the "everyone in the audience gets and you can too!" (which we all know is just blatant advertising time)? Cuz my problem today is that every plugged product was $200-300+. Who is your target audience who craves/affords a $300+ espresso machine? Not I.

Network TV is focusing on a new hero. Military. Swat. Seal Team. etc. Do think about that.

There are new ads asking for donations to the Am.Cancer Society. "They provide rides to chemo and places to stay near the hospital.(etc) I need that"
Um...I get that and that's good and all. But when I donated I kinda assumed it would go towards finding a CURE. Helping millions in the future. Humankind. Did we give up on that? Why is my money going to help you? Get a different charity!

When men picture sex appeal helping a woman's career and how that is unfair, they are picturing looking at thge sexy blond. They are not picturing meeting the eyes of the fat slob guy. I'd like to think that if we could get them around to that side they'd be a little more understanding of the issue.

Can we use more accurate and specific terms? "Sexual Misconduct" just seems like they maybe told a racy joke or didnt tell someone when their fly was down. Party with lampshade on head. Misdemeanor. Also stop with "teenager" when what you /mean/ is a minor. Someone under the age of consent.

deep breath

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