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Did you know Evangelicals are hot n bothered to get the Jewish back into Jerusalem because they believe this will bring Jesus back? Then the Rapture!
le sigh

Back to Frankin. I remain disappointed and upset.
Here's the thing - He asked to go through the process that Congress has to deal with such things. By calling for his resignation /before/ granting him that process our Senators shouted from the rooftops that they don't believe in that process. They denied Frankin that prosess and they denied US that process.
This is an enormous problem!
Zero tollerance can not equal zero process. If there is no process, there is no evidence and no resolution. There is no weighing of merits of charges. No standards of conduct. No standards of punishment. Because remember only some are being held to these standards.
We are a nation of The Rule of Law. Having no process that we can put our faith in - what the hell are we doing then?
A pinch on the butt is NOT equal to "sex with me or you're fired". A stupid offensive photo years ago (the internet is forever people!) is NOT equal to trolling 14 year olds for sex.
(Keep in mind this would be on To Catch A Predator tv)

If someone at work pinched my butt right now (no!) they would not get fired. I'd register a complaint to HR deopartment, we'd both present our sides. They'd have a chance to apologize and I'd have a chance to accept. Otherwise there would prob be mandatory counseling where standards of conduct were spelled out. Prob advise "just try to stay away from each other."
For crying out loud these are Legislators! They make laws! That's what they do! If they arent happy with the process in place - F-ing Legislate!!
And they better f-ing hurry because we've lost 2 of our big guns already. If we stay the course any Dem who sticks their head up is going to get it popped off like a dandelion.

Moral high ground? Idiots. Moral high ground doesnt VOTE.

I have heard Dem women saying, "I dont believe the women." And I know that is false. They want to but they also want to defend Senators they believe in - so what choice do they have? They are denied a choice. We are denied a fair process, we are denied standards and rules and any kind of flexibility on a case by case basis.

Un freaking American!! In Congress no less!
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