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Wolves. I was listening to someone talk about his real-crime author wife. A normal woman with a husband and kids and PTA who spent her nights focusing all her energy to combing through police records and crime reports and the darkest regions of the web -trying to solve cold case horrific murders. Trying to catch criminals from her home office while her family slept. "She was a crime fighter. She was like a real superhero."
It got me thinking. We dont live in a comicbook. We live in a world where the bad guy lives. Wolves among the sheep. The murderer may be a neighbor, a friend, a relative. Looks normal.
We believe the victims simply werent paying attention. They werent smart. They werent safe. They werent like us.
We live in a world where there are wolves among the sheep all the time. The real reason the wolf hasnt gotten you is that sheep are in a herd. Numbers.
Sure, I'm not saying that being am alert sheep is meaningless. What I'm saying is that there are a lot of different wolves. Some seize an opportunity. Some stalk a specific prey item. Some just attack when the mood...strikes. Some are under the influence, their moon. Some plan for ages. Some kill the wrong sheep.

Point is, there is z wolf out there for everyone.

So let's not pretend we're somehow immune. Smarter, faster, stronger. Let's not pretend victims were sheep.

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