alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I've been storing up post subjects while I'm out of work.
Hallelujah is /not/ an xmas song. "She tied you to a kitchen chair" is not...well, ok it might be festive but it is not seasonal.

I think it might be a fun party game to make up new carols. "Rudolfo the red nosed waiter." etc. Either in teams or all together. Need a few titles to get it started.

My country doesnt have Holocaust Education. I was much surprised to hear it is a thing in the UK?

There are prob new Simon's Cat. I havent checked.

Last night someone reported a story that a 230year old message had been found in a secret hiding place - insidd a statue of Jesus. Inside the butt of Jesus. The joke was "Tom Hanks said, I'm not making that movie." My joke is that Nicolas Cage said, It's a paycheck!
wakka wakka

I'm trying.

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