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LJ sucks

dear LJ, let me help clarify this. A "draft" is what I am working on before I hit "post" After I hit "post" that is a "post". Not a draft. A post. If I havent posted yet then that is a draft. Do I want to restore the post? No. Do I want to restore what I had not posted yet so thst I can finish my thought? YES. Restoring a post is called "edit". There's even an icon for it so you dont have to bother writing out the words "Do you want to edit your last post? You dont have to answer right now because we'll hang onto it for you. Take all the time you need to think about it. Do other things and come back to it."
As opposed to "Do you want to restore the thing you were working on but had not posted yet that was interupted and we know it was interupted cuz we're asking you this?"

Go ahead, stop all my typing to ask me again if I want to add this word to the dictionary. You flagged it as a typo, but yes, ask me that instead of offering possible correct spellings. In fact, yes, refuse to give any help at all once I tell you 'no, dont add it.' Cuz that's soooooo much better. That's obviously what I want.

Honestly WHO programs these things? Take away their drugs immediately!

Sidenote: Progress. Progress is the new things you "can't live without"...because all the alternatives are taken away.
Dont want a self-driving car? Well, you cant live without one! No CD player either.

OMG my inner conspiracy theory nutjob just popped her head up! "You know why They want to take away CDs, right? Cuz if you listen to music from a digital medium They can add to and change all the subliminal messages They slip into the feed whenever They want. It's mind control, babe."
Tin hat Ahoy.

Ok the other thing to note is that They dont have to control or influence /you/. They just need to influence enough people just enough to make things happen. Their targeting is getting very fine tuned.

Hey. Hey, that may be my inner conspiracy theory nutcase talking but...
Star Trek influenced generations of scientists and we now have communicators and automatic doors and lasers, etc. Why wouldnt generations of bad people be equally inspired to create Manchurian Candidates, 1984...etc? Sonic weapons?
Tin Hat!!!
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