alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

BTW. Mum

Mother is *drumroll* back in the ER! Cue the Beatles! Because her salt levels crashed //again//. My brother pointed out this is twice this year alone other brother had to take her in. He also said,"i know she doesnt want to but it might be time for her to move."
"Or to drink the damn Gatoraid." says I.
"Or drink the god damn gatoraid!" He agreed with surprising enthusiasm.

She did such a good job of crashing her salts level this time that she isnt recovering well and they are keeping her for 2, prob 3 days.


Now, I swear, I certainly dont wish headaches and nausea on anyone and I fur shur dont want none of that myself BUT
omg mother if you /know/ the pattern and you /know/ what happens at the end -- Do something! Get yer bud nippers! Stop it the insanity.

It's cuz she's a vampire and she hasn't fed on me in over a month. Swear.

No. No sympathy left for this crap.

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