alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Right. I've made my whining post private so you dont have to hear it. Time to be thankful.

Oo I got one! Did i mention I bought The Great Race dvd?

New Doctor Who coming out. Shada will have Tom come back, but just for one scene. Xmas special is coming. Anyone excited?
[I just found out about Clare. Youuuu bitches. One (or more of you out there) may now picture me hearing that cackling of yours and shaking my fist across the pond. Plane fare is $99 one way tomorrow. Din make me kicketh yer arses! :p]

New Simon's Cat! Actually quite a few are new.

I"m thankful for my health, such as it is.

>.> <.<
I'm thankful my friend got married to a very nice girl. Thankful she isnt me.

I am...thankf...ok no, i am puzzled that the leaves are still up. Thankful for the mostly moderate temps?

Thankful I haz food.

Thankful we're doing stocking stuffers instead this year.

Thankful I have a gazillion sweaters. Cuz it is cold.

Thankful my friends all had someplace to spend thanksgiving. Far as I know.

Thankful my car runs. :)

Thankful there are still new things that amuse me on youtube. Heh.

Thankful I can sneak a little free wifi and touch base with all you! Ta for being there!
I am most thankful for my friends. Humble thanks.

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