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I was listening to a discussion on Net Neutrality and the FCC changing regulations to allow one company to own the local TV, radio and newspapers all in one location. Etc.
One expert who is in favor of this was saying how terrific this all is to encourage small business growth! And how it needs to be done to offer business more opportunity. And anyone who doesn't LIKE their new overlord can just change to podcast or the internet or streaming or blogs or sirius radio etc
Because we all have so many choices now!
Which burned my cookies. Here's why-
That is the most entitled, priviledged, rich people CRAP. ALL of those "choices" have to be /paid/ for. The majority of Americans are POOR. We dont have endless amounts of cash to pay for all these smartphones, internet, computers, cable Tv and the like. Which means that most Americans will be /trapped/ consuming only the content fed to them by whichever company pays to control them.
Suppose Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Kardashians, whomever! stepped in and bought up all your local news outlets and they decided what content you see and how it was presennted and they gave the only commentary? Hmm?
It is NOT ok. Not American. No good, very bad idea. Votes will swing. Think about that warning.
Oh! NY state is saying that the "public comments" submitted to the FCC were flooded by bots pretending to be NYers. "Kill net neutrality!" sayeth the bots. I have not fact checked this. Y'all can.

I am disappointed in Charlie Rose. I am listening to the new alligations being leveled against congressmen. I want to highlight and repeat somneone else's comment that boils down to
Sexual harrassment is unacceptable. It absolutely needs to stop.
It is not the same as sex with a 14 year old. That is pediphilia.
All these alligations flying around tend to muddy the waters.

A congress woman appologized to the current generation of young women for her not speaking out about what happened to her years ago. "My generation we were the Firsts. First women in our fields. We were going to change everything. Frankly, we didnt speak up because we never thought we would be here 40 years on with this still going on."
Someone else suggested it is in the news because women are mobilized with hashtags and the Women's March.
Noooo. No.
Women didnt speak up then and women are speaking up now...

because women now have gained positions of influence and power. In numbers strong enough to matter. It is yet to be seen if the numbers are large enough to change anything.

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