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my cable is out! eeek?

A little bit of "eek". Not like I dont have a zillion Dvd options.
Last night I cracked open The Reduced Shakespeare Company dvd. See, I /do/ remember seeing these guys at a Ren Fair! They did Romeo & Juliet plus the encores. "oh i am slain!" "oh i am fortune's fool!" Same bit, slightly different cast. I kinda dig the football game in the play. Seen it?

Speaking of fools and folly - HI!
No, i mean I saw the london theatre production of Follies in the movie theatre here. This is not my favorite show and I was But the production was pretty good. And my actor looked good so it is good. I see him live when he looks a mess. Is that fair? No! :p

I have been social today and it makes me anxious.
Yeah, so I bought a straw goat for Christmas because I was anxious and the saleslady wouldnt stop bringing out all the goats in the shop. Straw goats are expensive. What the hell am I going to do with a straw goat? o.O

the show Once Upon A Time has been severely disappointing this season. It's waaaay too soap opera with the way it is trying to follow too many storylines for too short a time. So if you are interested in one thing you get like 2 minutes before it cuts to all the other crap and maybe you get another 2 minutes later in the hour and then tune in next week? This is why I couldnt follow Dark Shadows until the collections came out and focused on one story. Thank goodness

Work still has me on the schedule. Annoying. Need to make calls. I hate making calls!

Did I mention I got a!l sorts of wires crossed and missed TWO doctor appointments this week. Yeah. I suck. I canceled one cuz it conflicted with the other and then when I called to confirm the 1 they said I didnt have an appointment. Then I got a call from annoyed doc who had set up the appointment in a different office branch. Whicn I guess? I agreed to but no one wrote that part down. Sheesh.
I need to start smoking weed. I dont have braincells to kill off.

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