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Car go BOOM

The reason I'm here writing you right now is because...


I was driving into work early so that I could sign the list to maybe get out early. Because my cousin is visiting from California. I'm driving along and I'm /almost/ there. Less than a mile. Clear road. 45 mph. On the right is a Dunkin Donut shop. Some chicka starts to pull out of the driveway to turn left only she then sees me coming? and...STOPS. IN THE ROAD. I put on my brakes. She SITS THERE. IN THE ROAD. My brakes lock up. I'm not stopping. I crank the wheel to the right to try to turn into the Dunkin Donuts driveway, but the car is having none of that. Did I mention the chicka is //still// sitting there? Like she can't see me going "AUGH! SH*T SH*T SH*T!"? Nope. We come together in a nice T-Bone. The left front corner of my car smashes into her driver's side door. Towards the front hinge, thankfully. *WHAM*
Looking at the skid marks, I see that they veer out of the lane of traffic? But I hit the door so Yes she was in the lane. *WHAM*
First, I think OMG. Is she okay? She's sitting there still glaring at me. But she seems okay. Then I think, "CRAP! I needed this day off! I do not need this! I do not need this!" Then I turned the car off, in case there's a fire. I look around a little. Crap. I must still be in the lane? I try to restart the car. The engine turns over and then dies. Okay... The chicka mouths at me, "Can you reverse?" I shake my head. "No. No good." She reverses back into the driveway. (Come to think of it, if she had reversed further I could have pushed my car in, in front of hers and out of the way. But no. She stopped. Again. (I think that D-D coffee had not kicked in yet.) Someone from D-D came out and I heard her asking "Are you okay?" to the other girl. Yep. She came up and asked me. Yep. "The police have been called." Okay. Somewhere in here I realized I still had my foot stomped on the brake! I pry my door open, get out and try pushing my car backwards so I can then get into the driveway to the right of her car. But I soon realize that my car is currently just inside the shoulder part of the road and pushing it will put it back into traffic. No good. By this time, the cop is there.
The cop, I must say, was VERY nice. When we decided that we could not push my car into the driveway then he pulled his flashing lights up right behind mine so no one would hit my car. Yay! I suppose I'm not supposed to move my vehicle. But you don't want to sit in traffic either? The tow truck arrived before we really had to figure something out.
Anyway, cut to the chase. SHE did it. The cops agree. The skid marks agree. Whew. The damage on my car doesn't look that bad, but the frame is cracked about halfway up the hood. Something under there is broke. As I said to the cop, "It's nice to see the safety stuff doing its job." The car crumpled and not us. On the other hand, the airbags in both cars did not deploy. Go figure!
(On further thought, I wonder WTH her passenger was going that she didn't help this chick get her brain OR car going? Did I mention that they both spent the entire time glaring at me? Never came up to see if I was okay. I thought about asking them, but the cops were talking to them. According to the paperwork, she's 20. Chicka.)
I called work. I probably shouldn't have because that told them when the accident happened. Can't fudge that now. ;) I maybe could have gotten to work, but Oooo I really don't want to. I'm all OooglybooglyAugh! Ya know? The physical twinges I feel I think are just from sudden and somewhat extreme tension and not from impact. I might have a bruise on my shoulder from the seatbelt. *Checks for lap belt bruising* No, I think I'm okay.
I think I'm okay. The car isn't. But I think I'm okay. I now have a MONSTER SUV from Enterprise Car Rental in the driveway. "All we have". Mokay.
How the hell is your Saturday?

Okay, the funny part? If this totals my car - the registration was about to expire and I needed to get work done to get it through inspection. I may somehow have saved money. What a weird and strange life.

OooglyBooglyAughAughAugh *cue the drums*

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