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I want a game or app for my kindle where I can tilt the device and colors will swirl around. Like fluid dynamics or one of those old wave machines or sand art. Something like that.
Btw, have you ever looked at the permissions on your apps? I mean just chrome demands access to your entire device. WTH does it need that for? Why do apps demand access to my exterior storage or my phone list? NO. You are a game. Back the F off. No one needs control of my camera except me. I know you /want/ my location info. Creeps.

Do you take pictures when you're with family or friends? I dont think we do any longer.
When's the last time you watched a family movie?

Have you put up Xmas decorations yet? I resist but it is very cold out and others have started.

I put a black poster board box over my sunny window to transfer all that solar heat to my apartment. The poster board does a surprisingly poor job. The black plastic last year was far better but it transfered a ton of the heat back out of the window which is what i am trying to fix. Maybe if i tape the plastic to the inside of the box? RANDOM

Have you ever been to the desert? The Scablands?
Program just told me the English Channel was created by a flood. A really, really, Really big Flood. Yowzer.

Have you ever smoked?

omg the person behind me is eating a burger and there is so much ketchup I can smell it a table away and their pickle is stinging my eyes. Everytime they tear out another napkin it rips my eardrums. WTF I gotta move! Another? WTF are you eating?? Do you have any hand eye coordination??? wtf!!!!!

maybe i am dehydrated or something. that was weird. hypersensitivity? or obnoxious messy eater. must have used 20 napkins

Are you ready for Feasting? What is your favorite feast side dish? Fav feast dessert?

My brother still doesnt have a job and I am officially worried when he's applying for positions that pay half what he was making. *fret*

I feel old. I feel really god damn old. I hang out with my friends /parents/ because we have more in common. I dont party, I dont hang out in bars, I dont gamble, I dont go to concerts, I dont watch sports, I dont watch the new superhero movies, I dont use social media... eesh.
I'm not going to the new Han Solo movie. No. Han shot first, Lucas sold out, disney owns everything and...i'm out. I have no urge to see Solo do anything else. Ever. Ta! Drive thru, please. You tried to take away his hero journey. No. Not in my cannon.
That's not Solo. That's not Wolverine. Those arent the Xmen. That's not Thor. That's not Doctor Strange (or maybe it is, i dont care.) That's not Kirk. That's not Star Trek. Those arent vampires.
I am exhausted.
That is not Poirot's stache!!!


Get off my lawn you rotten kids!

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