alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

footsie again

ok i dont know if the massage n ultra sound are helping but yeah, kinda OW afterwards.

And my fingernails are awesome. Oval shaped, long, and my gold-tinted polish has random gold flakes. How freakin elegant.

it shall be COLD outside. hopefully not inside.

i want to buy morr beads.

i have been buying 2nd hand sweaters. didnt i say i already own a bazillion sweaters??

i want to quilt. my friend teaches quilting. This cobbler has no shoes. still. cuz she has no time to fix my machine. and she is like crazy obsessed with doing quilting by the /pattern/. I may revolt by the bolt. ;) handstitching seems to terrify her. heh.

My neighbor has claimed the gorgeous black/deepest coffee colored cat is theirs. this is good cuz that cat seems ultra happy and healthy. yay cat people!

i still want the other neighbor to stop putting cat food out. all these cats are owned and you are not 'helping' any of them. Sheesh. We still have a problem with someone killing cats a couple streets over and owned cats should not be gathering where they make easy targets, nor should they be lured by food, dummy. is the cat feeder killing the cats? Yeep!

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