alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

I am not a strong person. I am only as strong as I need to be, as strong as the situation forces me to be. Otherwise the whole 'nap in the sunbeam' life pursuit is more challenge than I can cope with!
I am a mess.
So there's my friend getting remarried. Cuz he's a guy and cant be alone for days at a stretch. *eyeroll*
There's my mother, married for 50+ years to the same man before dad passed away. She's clinging to me more and more.
Should fate be kind(?) I am looking down the barrel of a lot of old age on my own. I accept that. Flying solo. I shall certainly try not to be a burden on myself.
But I am not a strong person. So I dont know what that says about the situation. My teen self awaits an answer.

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