alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Update 10 24 17

We havent blown up yet. This is good. Thought I should point that out. Thank you state department.

We have made very little progress in the hurricane recovery. It has been a month?

I start physical therapy tomorrow. "Aggressive." o.O

I worry about my family in the military.

I saw two female coworkers walking out holding hands and much quiet PDA. So sweet!

I went thru several big storage boxes of clothes. I own a bazillion sweaters. Long sleeve, short sleeve, pull over, cardigans, cotton, acrylic, wool, cashmere, ETC. I dont like the cold? :) I've half a bazillion polo shirts. Too many Hawaiian shirts.

My stress is running HIGH. Explain later.

The donut shop is selling spider donuts. Chocolate donut hole (munchkin) placed inside/ontop reg donut. Chocolate piping legs going from munchkin down each side. Cute!
The chocolate donut spiked with pretzel spider legs is cute too. M&M eyes!
Serve with Spider Cider

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