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The problem with metoo is that for all the talk now, no one believed me then. Or the perhaps shock, horror and outrage I did manage to generate was the kind one gets when one reports somneone cutting in line in front of you. "Well, they were wrong and shouldnt have done that!"
But nothing happened. No consequences.

And I myself did this inaction when a friend reported another friend date-raped her. "omg! i'm so sorry! he's slime! you call me if he ever tries anything again and I'll belt him! i'll warn my other friends to avoid him."

because what else can we do? We all //know// that trying to press charges is a long, stressful, painful, time-consuming process that is highly likely going to get zero results. What proof? Are you bruised in the right way and in the right places? Were you clear about what you said and did you say the right words in the right way at the right time all the way through? Dont you think this could all just be a misunderstanding? Arent you over-reacting, little miss-oversensative? Didnt you really mean Yes at the time? Maybe you should have done a better job protecting yourself in the first place if this bothers you so much?

I have been around the block. I dont expect any changes from this time around either. I would like to be wrong about that.

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