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It surprises me to see how vastly different the ads are on the stations I see at work vs what I watch at home.

Music: "Feel It Still" by Portugal, the Man.
I'm a rebel just for kicks now...

Cute Overload! = 36 panda cubs. 36!

Disney looked really freaky in the photos with the sky lit up orange by the california wildfires. Apocalyptic indeed.

Tatum will make a sucky Gambit. But then I hate Jackman as Wolverine cuz he /aint/ my canuk, beetches!

I think hitler never gets worse, never goes lower. He /is/ that low. He never rises. Reading someone else's speech does not improve one's own ethics. Struth.
Everyone else is morally compromised by him.
I do hope that when the pendulum swings back (and it will) that we will use the hammer with at least equal strength.

It is too hot to wear my pretty clothes to Faire. WTH? It is Oct and I should be bundled under a cloak so noone can -see- my pretty clothes.

Deadlines loom everywhere. I phear.

*twitch* Talking head:"No one is a perfect christian." therefore christians can approve of hitler even if he's not perfect? No, dear. No. What you dont seem to know you are saying IS that as imperfect christians you approve of him. Your own flaws are exposed.

Annnnnnnyway. I have new cookbooks! Pillsbury, Cambells Soup, and a southern church group. And a book of alcohol shot recipes. Bwahahaha
The odd discovery- in the church group book I noticed little pencil checkmarks. I figured someone was checking off which ones they'd tried. However I then noticed little notes, in perfect handwriting, describing the person whose name was under each recipe. "math teacher" and "owns stationary store". Which means the person wasn't rating the food but checking off who they knew personally. I wonder why?

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