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music from the uncensored age

I was searching for links to songs I had heard while in my car.
I found NSFW lyrics
"Hell to Pay" by Boz Scaggs and Bonnie Raitt(& others)
"The Flim Flam Sauce" by Louis Armstrong(& others)
"Mary's Kitchen" by Old Crow Medicine Show
"If I Can't Sell It, I'm Gonna Keep Sitting On It before i give it away" by Georgia White
"BBQ Bess" by Bessie Jackson

If you cant tell the songs get more suggestive as you go. When I got to the last one it said Lucille Bogan sang "BbQ Bess" and...songs about hookers, cocaine and other topics, in such um...plain language not known outside of rap. (that i know of?) Songs like "Shave it Dry" NSFW! and some I wont even write out
see albums The Copulating Blues and The Cocaine Blues

Have fun?

I mention that I heard most from a Canadian station. They have fun.
Tags: lyrics

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