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In my neck of the country we have roadside stands. People, usually farmers, put stuff out on the roadside with a "for sale" sign. Mums, veggies, pies, dry wood; all sorts of things. There will be a big locked wooden box with a slot for your money and instructions to pay for what you take. No one watches the stand. This Honesty system works well enough we keep using it. It is kind of unthinkable to not pay the person.
Do you have such things were you are?

Have you heard of a gambling game "two up"? I keep looking for a new casino game but this is not it.

Have you played street versions of handball, or chinese handball or boxball? Might be a city thing. What sort of games with balls did you play as a child? Not counting baseball, cricket, football, tennis n such. I mean kids games. I demanded someone teach me how to play marbles. Far more exciting than jacks. ;)

How was your weekend?

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