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ghost stories from work

technically I've not heard more than a few odd comments but with all the sudden deaths that occur here one expects there to be /some/ activity. If such a thing is real. And we are prob close to somebody's burial site after all this time.
But the mentions are just of the infrequent out-of-place thump or noise and no sightings. This could be because 1) ghosts aint real 2) the place never closes so is neither dark, nor quiet 3) it isnt a great place to hang out even when alive so haints arent interested.

Maybe we should start rumors to stimulate the tourist trade? Dunno how the bosses feel about that!

What do you prefer as a touristy attraction here- an angry vengeful ghost? a despondent ghost? a dead mobster? a jilted lover ghost? the one who died from a sudden shock and now appears when someone else is at risk?
Frankly, I do want to stay in a haunted hotel. Ever. But many do and will pay big $. All we need is a mention on a "ghost hunters" tv show. With the night vision freak-out cameras!
Tags: halloween

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