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ghost stories from friend

I was chatting with a friend and I asked if she'd ever seen anything in the cemetery across the way from her job. "Oh", she said, "I dont go in there, but a customer once said he was going for a walk there. I wished him luck." She chuckled. "He came back white as a sheet. He said he'd seen the white misty forms of a woman and some children and they were dancing around the graves, like ring-around-the-rosie."

Then she said "Another cemetery up the road, my daughter and her friends were planning to poke around after dark. My daughter phoned from the cemetery and she was scared, "Mom! There's something here! Come get us!" I drove my car to the graveyard and hadnt gone far in when I saw in the headlights a dark shadow figure float right across the road. A /shadow/ in the headlights! Phoned my dauughter, "Get over here /right now/." The teens all ran over, piled in and I sped us out. Havent ever been back despite having family buried there."

Then my friend said, "I was heading home from work one Halloween night. On the road my headlights lit up what looked like a mummy! Blood everywhere on him. I didnt know if he was hurt or what but I sure wasnt stopping! He just stood there as I went past and when I looked back - he was gone!"

When she started talking about houses where things suddenly fly across the room - I had to leave. ;)
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