alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

NK, Puerto Rico and all

nahhh...not done.

hitler is being a useless piece of dangling male anatomy with regards to Puerto Rico. How quick did he lift the Jones Act for texas n florida but ooo not for more than a week for PR might not like it? male anatomy.

shiny keys

you know, it isnt as though hitler has anything to /lose/ by having north korea bomb us. Seriously, he doesnt actually care about anyone so dont expect thast to change. So what if even mainland usa gets hit? So what? It'll prob be the cities on the coast and they're democrats! Even if it hit a red state right in the middle of the red so what? he has other supporters. the rest will run to fall in line behind him.
No one protests a War President! A War President has tons of shiny keys to jingle to distract everyone with. (ending with a with. yes. grammer be damned.)
He has nothing to lose.

When he said he could shoot someone in the street and not lose a vote he never mentioned if he'd be picky about who it was. He could be knocking off toddlers in the bowling alley in the white house and his people would say "well, that shows how gutsy he is! He gets things done!" LOL

But ooooo what a bonus he'll get with the new tax cuts!! $31M? $314M by the end of his term? To think, he hasnt even had the job for a year! Woo!

shiny shiny shiny keys jingle jingle
Tags: political

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